Convenience, delivered.

Your safety is our highest priority. We will pick up your Volvo for service, deliver it when ready and provide you a loaner if needed.* Please contact your local Volvo Authorized Dealer to learn more about their pickup and delivery options.

*Loaner vehicles are subject to dealer availability and policies.


Schedule Service

Schedule your service visit by phone or through your Volvo Authorized Dealer website.



Upon the pickup of your Volvo, receive a loaner vehicle if desired.



Track and manage your delivery experience through the Volvo Valet App.


Service from the comfort of your home

Schedule a service appointment by phone or through your Volvo Authorized Dealer website and have your vehicle picked up from your house, office, or another location of your choosing with the option to have a loaner delivered so you never miss a beat.

While in the Volvo Valet App, receive notifications that give you live status updates throughout the entire process.