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"Decided to buy another Volvo, but this time going to do the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program. The wife and I looked into several options, but we're very impressed with Herzog-Meier's level of professionalism and enthusiasm to help customers, which is what brought us back to do the Volvo purchase through Herzog-Meier Volvo, and the number of selections on site. If you're considering a Volvo, then try this dealership. These folks are all-around great! They've earned my business."

- Therdsak Suthanaviroj

"Recently purchased our 3rd Volvo, an S90 this time, from Herzog Meier Volvo.  The sales representative for our last two Volvo's was Doug Galloway.  He is a very ethical, honest person.  He works with you to find a great price.  We recommend him highly."

- Marcy Phillips

"Just bought my 2015 S60 from Doug G. at Herzog Meier and couldn't be happier. The car is amazing and I love the way it handles. Doug was knowledgeable, friendly and gave me a great deal. Definitely visit these guys if you want a Volvo!"

- DrJamesK

"We have been using this dealer to service our Volvo for over 13 years. Their service is excellent and their prices are competitive. We would not go anywhere else!"

- Pamela MacLellan

"I recently purchased a new Volvo and I want to give a shout out to Doug Galloway. It was one of the best experiences I've had at Volvo and this is my third vehicle from Herzog-Meier. Doug is professional, straight-forward, and does what he says he going to do. He deserves every award he has on the walls of his office and I will continue to be a Volvo customer because of him. Buying a new car can be a tedious, drawn-out experience but working with Doug made it fun and simple. I highly recommend him and thank him for his great service."

- Shannon Carr

"Great, hassle free, no pressure car buying experience. They worked really hard to get me the best price. They even gave me a free loaner without me asking while I was waiting for my car to be ready."

- Jim M

"Excellent Volvo dealer. I drove my Volvo 7 hours to bring it here for service, the experience was worth it."

- Rich Cower

"We had a great experience buying our Volvo here. The sales staff are friendly, knowledgeable and not pushy at all. I'm a tough car buyer and don't like sales people trying so hard to make the sale and buttering you up. This was not the case at Herzog-Meier Volvo. These cars pretty much sell themselves and I loved how clean, minimalist and simple everything was from choosing the vehicle to the sales transaction. Definitely not like the many cattle call dealerships we've visited. Thank you for being and staying classy Herzog-Meier. We'll be back for another Volvo soon."

- Kareen Curry

"A great buying experience ... Graham is rye, good humored and just helps you down the road. Douglas has years of experience with Volvo; and ironed out all the wrinkles.  The car is a pleasure to drive. Volvo has delivered fun in S60 T6 engine. The twin-charger has supple power over wide range of "town and country" driving."

- John Stout

"Could not be happier ! Thanks to Doug we have two volvos that fit our family needs perfectly and we are very thankful for this dealership and it's awesome, friendly and courteous staff.  A few years ago I had some volvo service needs and found the Herzog volvo service department to be so fast and easy!  I also have to mention the parts department who has been so helpful and gone above and beyond for us.  Thank u Herzog ! We will most definitely be back in the future!"

- Olava G.

"Just bought my Volvo S60 from Doug G. at Herzog Meier and couldn't be happier. The car is amazing and I love the way it handles. Doug was knowledgeable, friendly and gave me a great deal. Definitely visit these guys if you want a Volvo!"

- DrJamesK

"I have purchased several Volvos from Herzog-Meier over the years. The service (I've mostly dealt with Doug) department has always been courteous and knowledgeable. They have gone the extra mile to ensure that warranty issues were handled in a timely manner. I appreciate getting my car back after service nice & shiny and this morning even the seats were heated and the engine warmed up. Very nice on a cool morning."

- patty919white

"I have gone to H-M Volvo since I bought my car...12 years! ALWAYS the service people are very courteous and make sure everything I want done and needs done is completed. We always discuss any issue the find with their diagnostic tests and answer my questions completely. Alan Cranston has been the person that I deal with most often, and he is a real gem!"

- Sally Quimby

"I have always experienced great customer service at Herzog-Meier Volvo! Doug helped me on a recent visit, he always explains the costs and issues with my car and I know I can trust that they are doing what needs to be done and not just charging me for things my car doesn't need. There was an unexpected issue with my car that was found during a regular service so my car needed to stay overnight. I live 1 1/2 hours away and Doug made sure I had an awesome loaner car to use! I appreciate their attention to detail, their caring, and pleasant attitude every time I am there. Thanks!!"

- Megan Evenson

"After dealing with crappy service at Jim Fisher for 5 years, I finally made the switch to Herzog-Meier and the level of professionalism and friendly service is NIGHT and DAY!  I have only been once, hence the 4 star rating, but my first impression of their service is surely a 5 for 5.

- Julia H.