When it comes to protecting your vehicle's interior, both all-weather floor mats and carpet floor mats are viable options. How, though, can Beaverton, OR motorists determine which is right for them? Here at Herzog-Meier Volvo Cars, we believe it is important for our local drivers to understand the benefits of using each type of floor mat.

Beginning with all-weather floor mats, these are the more durable option because they are constructed from rubber. They are easier to keep clean, and they will be more efficient at stopping dirt and debris from damaging your car's interior. All-weather floor mats, however, usually don't look as nice as their carpet counterparts.

If style and comfort are your priorities when selecting your new car mats, then carpet may be a better choice for you. These floor mats are softer beneath the feet and often look nicer. Unfortunately, they are less durable and more difficult to clean all-weather mats.

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