If you have not performed a tire pressure and tread check recently, then it may be time to give Herzog-Meier Volvo Cars a call. The service department can tend to your vehicle's tire pressure with great precision, which will help you drive more safely on Beaverton, OR highways, and roads. Confusion regarding tire pressure is common but harmful.

Dangerous levels in your tire pressure are certainly something that you should be concerned about. What specific hazards, though, can arise as a result of improper inflation? Traction, fuel performance, and vehicle handling have all been proven to suffer as a result of incorrect tire inflation.

Some hazards are specific to overinflation, while other hazards are related to underinflation. Common overinflation hazards are usually related to uneven tread wear patterns. Common underinflation hazards often relate to extra friction, which is potentially dangerous. The structural integrity of your car's tires can become compromised, and even blowouts are possible.

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