Many owners spare no expense when it comes to maintenance on their vehicles. Why? They are concerned about safety. If a belt snaps and a car becomes disabled, it's possible to be rear-ended. If brakes fail, crashing the vehicle may be unavoidable. People worry about these things, and rightly so. However, they might not think about losing visibility when windshield wiper blades falter.



The blades are made of rubber, and the rubber degrades. The sun, age, and use all play a role in weakening the material. Eventually, the wiper blades can't do their job. That means they can't help keep you safe when driving. Visibility will weaken as the windshield isn't cleared during bad weather.



Changing windshield wiper blades is something a technician can do with ease. Make sure those blades are inspected every time you go in for service. Doing so only takes a minute.



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