Imagine being in a situation where you are in a terrible car accident. It is not something that you want to have happen, but you need to be prepared in the event that it does. That is why you want all of the safety features that come in the Volvo S90.

Things like anti-lock brakes and front-impact airbags are a standard feature of the Volvo S90. This vehicle also has an interesting and helpful security system that will literally disable the ignition in the event that a key that was not produced by the original manufacturer. Thus, you can safely assume that the vehicle will remain safely within your control no matter what could possibly happen.

There are other special features such as the anti-whiplash features that keep you all a lot safe. You will have the ability to drive around town without being wildly concerned that you could be seriously hurt in a wreck. It always remains a possibility, but you will have a greater ability to not worry about it with this vehicle.

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