Since its debut, the Volvo XC60 has created a reputation as a well-engineered, long-lasting crossover SUV. It is designed to look and run well for years after it leaves the showroom.

An example of the Volvo durability is the T-Tech seats. Special engineering has gone into the material design to provide not only a good look when new but to keep the textile material looking sharp. Designed in a City Weave pattern, the T-Tech seats are available in either Charcoal or Blond to meet the preferences of the owner.

But attractive seating matters little without comfort. The driver and front passenger seats can be equipped with four-way lumbar support. Power controls make adjustments effortless. Lumbar supports reduce fatigue in a long drive and keep occupants comfortable. Take a test drive with us at Herzog-Meier Volvo Cars to appreciate the look and enjoy the comfort of the Volvo XC60.

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