Herzog-Meier Volvo Cars prides itself on knowing when a good model has come onto the lot. The Volvo V90 is definitely one of those models, and it seems that many agree with us since it is a popular luxury wagon with great features.


The stop and start tech in the V90 is definitely a welcomed surprise. The feature reduces gas consumption by simply shutting off the engine whenever you are idling. It might sound risky, but it is actually a great piece of technology that you won't even notice when driving; you'll see the difference in your gas tank.

All-Wheel Drive

The all-wheel drive feature is one we think will excite you. It is a pretty dynamic feature that allows you to control the vehicle with more precision. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that this wagon can get you there no matter the road conditions.

These are just some reasons we think the V90 is the right option for you, but come take a test drive to see how you respond to it.



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