In the Volvo S60, all the information you need for your drive is right in front of you. This popular luxury compact sedan is available with two different information displays that can provide you with important performance metrics at a glance. We here at Herzog-Meier Volvo Cars are excited to show you your options.

The first feature is a Digital Driver Display. The 12.3-inch display is positioned right in front of the steering wheel. It includes digital gauges as well as a customizable information screen in the center. There are four different layouts to choose from and you can easily cycle through informational pages with the buttons on the steering wheel.

Also available is a Graphical Head-Up Display. A small projector in the cabin creates an informational panel right on the windshield. The brightness automatically adjusts based on ambient lighting conditions. You can use this display to keep an eye out on the road ahead while also viewing navigational directions or speed.



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