Compact and luxurious, the Volvo XC40 is equipped with industry-leading safety technology. Sold by Herzog-Meier Volvo Cars, this Swedish model comes with signature amenities that prevent accidents.

The Pilot Assist helps you steer the XC40 model with more confidence. Using numerous sensors to analyze driving conditions, this technology makes sure that the vehicle remains centered on a single lane. The Driver Assistance System also regulates the speedometer from 0 to 130 MPH in critical situations. When another automobile ahead slows down, this technology adjusts the XC40's brakes and engine output. Both of the accident-avoidance amenities are powered by the IntelliSafe platform that's been exclusively engineered by Volvo.

This compact Volvo crossover SUV also has great security features, like the private locking of the glove box and luggage section. An electronic key could be programmed to limit access to such important storage units. For example, you may let a friend get behind the steering wheel, but he or she shouldn't see any personal items inside the cabin.



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