Providing vehicles that satisfy various needs and wants is what Herzog-Meier Volvo Cars does. Out of all the things our customers ask for, safety is perhaps the most common, and we love it when automakers like Volvo provide that for us with models like the V90.

Safety Features Tucked Inside the Wagon

Driving this popular luxury wagon throughout Beaverton, OR is surely going to be satisfying, especially with the following safety features:


Drowsiness is a major issue that affects many drivers. Work hours are long, and you are only human, which Volvo considered and addressed by introducing the Driver Alert System. It learns your driving patterns and begins to use that data to ask you if you are awake enough to continue driving.


There is a certain distance your vehicle is supposed to keep from others to be safe. The Volvo V90 is equipped with technology that helps ensure you keep to this distance and warns you when you are not so you can rectify your driving.

Go ahead, you know you want to take a test drive and see how safe the V90 is, and we are welcoming you to our dealership to do so.

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